Emergency Preparedness - Self-Reliance - Food Independence
Prepare for Emergencies or the Days Ahead
Whatever you believe on your future, don't you think it's wise to prepare for future emergencies and hard times?  Hard times have come and gone through history and we are not immune.  There has been several incidents even here in the USA that show us to be at least prepared for a three day emergency situation so your preparedness for these events or emergency situation with a emergency food supply as well as other items to prep for such as the story of Joseph in Egypt and his service of preparing the country and the children of Israel for hard times that were to come.  Even though we have a long ways to go, we want to start on it ourselves.

There are many sites out there that show you how to be a prepper and some have great ideas in part, but as a Christian I say that you should not put all your eggs in one basket.  Diversify your assets, food and commodities that you will need and will be valuable in a though situation such as long term storage food, supply or filtering water, shelter, and personal family protection.

Throughout history you can read about you can see what happens when even just the power goes out for a day or two, not even a serious emergency.  So I say "Do your best, and let God do the rest."  It's our responsibility to prepare for emergencies that will come for ourselves and family, while trusting the Lord to supply in areas and supplies we do not have or run out of during tough times that I believe will come.  Whether you believe in pre-trib, mid-trib or post-trib does not matter, we will all go through some hard times even before the tribulation actually starts.  So start your emergency preparedness now with the two companies that I believe are the best for you to start with for your Emergency Preparedness - Self-Reliance - Food Independence.  My Patriot Supply, and Legacy Food Storage.

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